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The original logo, which was too big. :(

Welcome to The Pikmin ideas wiki, a wiki about ideas for future pikmin games, predictions, and some other stuff!

News Edit

(Only 6 at a time here, please)

  • We highly recommend that u do not allow Crystal lucario on your wikia. Really.
  • Logo is finally done, but i may change it...
  • We got two new users, Crystal lucario and Sir Pikmin!
  • The Pikmin ideas wiki has been created!!!

User of the week!Edit

User:Sir Pikmin got this award for 1, he helped create this wikia, 2 he has done some edits...Be sure to check every week for the new User of the week!

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The poll was created at 16:03 on August 14, 2009, and so far 65 people voted.

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